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Rules (April '17)
General Rules
  • Please do not spam.
  • Please do not post in all CAPS.
  • Please do not advertise other websites unless they are related to the fed (ie: your wrestler's IC twitter), or on your profile in the website field.
  • Please do not advertise through private messages/emails. Doing so results in an automatic ban.
  • Please do not swear or curse towards other forum members. Swearing and cursing is tolerable to a certain extent, but not in an inflammatory way.
  • Please do not post nudity or sexual topics/pictures/links to any pornography. Doing so results in an automatic ban.
  • Please do not post grotesque, offensive or vulgar content/images. Doing so results in an automatic ban.
  • Please do not fight with the forum staff. Arguing, especially over the internet, is pointless.
  • Please respect others.
  • Please do not try to be a moderator or staff member. The staff are here for a reason. We're here to take care of fights, spam etc. It is okay to offer advice to others, but do not be condescending or a mini-moderator. If you are interested in joining the moderating team, please PM one of the staff.
  • Please do not troll, provoke, or harass others.
  • Cyber bullying on UWE will not be tolerated.

UWE Roleplaying Rules & Tips

Brief UWE History and Info
  • UWE was founded in 2004.
  • In UWE's universe, companies like WWE and TNA don't exist. (ECW does, as we had a feud with them many years ago and ended up absorbing them, but as for other companies, ask a staff member if you're not sure).
  • In UWE's universe, we used to be THE name in wrestling entertainment. While other feds (efeds) can exist in our universe, because your wrestler wrestled there, UWE was the big leagues.
  • UWE shut down completely between late 2014 and late 2016. We are in the process of a reboot, and no longer consider ourselves to be the global powerhouse we once were, although the idea is that we are building back to that.
  • UWE currently has one show: Over The Top, which is streamed online to our website and filmed in front of a medium sized live audience from our Studio in Vancouver, BC

The Application Process
  • New members may handle ONE singles competitor or tag team
  • Any subsequent applications must be discussed with a staff member prior to posting a new application.
  • Make sure you consult the list of taken pic bases before you decide on one for your character
  • Please wait for a staff member to approve your character before posting a roleplay or signing up for a match. However, feel free to introduce yourself in the Breaking Kayfabe section.

Active/Inactive and Profiles
  • After your application is approved, your profile must go in the Profiles Section.
  • Your profile will be deleted if you don't show up for at least one match AND then disappear without notice for over 30 days. Upon your return, you will have to resubmit an application.
  • Your profile will be moved to the Alumni Profiles section IF you sign and show up for at least one match, but then disappear without notice for more than 60 days. Upon your return, you simply have to ask for a staff member to move it back to the active roster, no other application needed.
  • If you need to take a leave of absence for an extended period of time but plan on returning, please inform a member of staff. That way, we can ensure your profile remains on the active roster during your absence. However, if you're gone for a longer time than you said you would, the aforementioned rules will still apply.

  • Matches are judged based on Roleplays (RPs) and Match Posts (MPs).
  • RPs are stories you write about your character, either in the ring or outside of it.
  • MPs are the matches themselves that you and your opponent get to write. They start with each of you posting an entrance, and then each taking turns writing sections of the match.
  • The breakdown of the judging criteria can be found in the Roleplay and Promos section.
  • There is a minimum of ONE and a maximum of TWO RPs per person if they are booked for a card (if you post more than TWO RPs please label which ones you want judged, or number them in the topic description).
  • Each RP can be a maximum of 1,500 words.
  • There is usually a sign up thread in the Fed Discussion section of the forum. Please request a match there.
  • If you have signed up for a match and find you are unable to participate please inform a staff member as soon as possible.
  • Please do not interfere in other people's RPs or promos unless you have asked the person who wrote it beforehand. You need approval from others.
  • Please don't include other people's characters in your RPs or promos unless you have permission from the person (and they know what you are doing).
  • The edit button is your friend.
  • Please do no plagiarize or steal ideas from others. Copying is frowned upon. We like originality!
  • When your character is talking in RPs make sure that we, the reader, can tell the difference between actions, thoughts and speech.
  • Please space out your writing! Don't make it all one big block of text. Make proper paragraphs and complete sentences.
  • It is recommended that you write often. If you don't you may not be given a match or you may be removed from the UWE roster with or without notice.
  • Some "risky" content (I.E. cursing, kissing, stripping etc.) is allowed, but just don't overdo it with full-blown sex or adult content. If you feel that this may be integral to a storyline or character, please consult a staff member.
  • Please notify the admins or moderators of any kind of foul play or unnecessary behaviour if encountered or if it is directed towards you.
  • Quality over quantity. It doesn't matter how long your roleplay is, just as long as it isn't too short (like 10 lines/200 words), but we prefer quality writing. Don't try to stretch your roleplay out or make it longer for no reason at all other than to make it a big roleplay.
  • Please feel free to request feedback! Although, it is likely some members of our community will give you feedback even if you don't ask for it.
  • We have a list of NPCs (Non playable characters) in the UWE News Feed that can be used in both your RPs and MPs, they are comprised of backstage interviewers, referees, announcing team (commentators and ring announcer), the owner of the company, etc. Each match will be assigned a referee and will be listed on the card.

Roleplaying Deadlines
  • The deadline is always posted in the match card. Currently, it is usually Monday evening PST.
  • It is your responsibility to post on time.
  • It is acceptable to post all of your RPs minutes before the deadline.

Warning System

Below is a warning point system. Disobeying the rules will lead to the accumulation of warning points and ultimately a lifetime suspension. Each kind of warning will lead to points being added to your warning guage. The guage starts at 0, for everybody, but ends at 5 (after 5 you are banned). Below is the key:

  • Excessive cursing, disobeying spam and post requirment rules = 1 Point
  • Racial, sexist, or homophobic comments said to someone = 2 Points.
  • Fighting with staff after being warned not to = 3 Points
  • Advertising in wrong section knowingly or not having the proper amount of posts = 4 Points
  • Posting Nude/Grotesque images/links leads to an automatic ban aka 5 Points or more.

If a person recieves 4 points they are banned for 24 hours. 5 Points or more = Ban for Life. No questions asked.

Thank you for reading and remember to have fun!

Best regards,

The UWE Staff
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